Top 5 uses for Hemp Cord

Hemp cord is often used in many everyday craft projects. Unlike cotton which has short fibers, hemp has long fibers, making it very sturdy and a great alternative to cotton. Hemp cord is available in a number of different colors and sizes. Durable, all natural and strong, hemp cord is also quite affordable. Here are the top 5 uses for hemp cord — and in no particular order.


Hemp Jewelry

Hemp jewelry is stylish and appeals on its level of naturalism. It is made with the popular hemp cord. The bracelets and necklaces are created with a trendy look for the teens and college crowd. It is very easy to work with making it an all time favorite for crafters.



Macramé is created by tying knots together to make useful items such as belts and plant hangers to name a few. Hemp cord is great for macramé and it’s easy to use because it holds knots securely. Novice to experienced macramé artists uses hemp cord for their projects.




Hemp cord is used in scrapbooking. Adding hemp cord as adornments to the pages really set the pages apart. Use hemp paper together with hemp cord to make your own photo album or journal.


hemp tags


Adding hemp cord to any craft project can give it a natural look. For example, tie a bow of hemp cord around a filled mason jar to make it look rustic or a gift to give it that extra something special.


String Art

String Art

Hemp cord or Hemp String is wonderful for making Spirelli string art. Spirelli string art is created by winding the hemp cord around a die cut shape and pegs. Spirelli string crafts can be used as embellishments for scrapbooking, cards and most any other craft project. Since hemp cord comes in a variety of colors the possibilities of design or endless. String art can utilize pegs place in a design on a board. Then, twine is strung tightly around the pegs to form artwork. Colored twine can create unique and interesting pieces.

Where to Purchase

You can buy hemp cord from the Hemptique.com. Check out all the different colors and weights we have to offer. Need more personalized help? Call our office at 760-602-4864

Hemp Paper Benefits over Other Fibers

Hemptique has an array of beautiful handmade hemp paper for all your needs. High quality, handmade material manufactured using a 2000 year old technique. Base materials are 50% hemp with the remainder linen and cotton. It is acid free and meets archival standards. It comes in white and natural antique colors. Manual production mode may cause slight color deviations.

Hemptique Handmade Paper is ideal for handwriting, calligraphy, inkjet printing, water color, pastel and charcoal.

A Few Facts about Hemp Fiber vs Tree Counterpart:

  • Save more trees – Speed of production is lowered with Hemp farming. It takes about 90 days for plant to mature, whereas trees take between 15 to 50 years to mature.
  • Reduce Deforestation Rate – Hemp paper can help reduce the deforestation rate. Over a period of twenty years, one acre of hemp can produce the same amount of pulp for materialas 4.1 acres of trees. That is a lot of tree saving.
  • Cleaner for Environment – The production of this paper from plant based fiber is far cleaner than the production of wood-pulp paper.
  • Decrease Carbon footprint – U.S. paper-producing companies are the 3rd largest energy consumer and this increases the U.S. carbon footprint. Manufacturing an eco-friendly paper using hemp can significantly cut down the U.S. carbon footprint.

The U.S. pulp and paper industries are also the 3rd largest industrial polluters, tossing 220 million pounds of toxic pollution into the water and air each year. Three million tons of chlorine, a major source of carcinogen dioxin, is among these pollutants. This will not occur in hemp paper production as hemp does not need chlorine bleaching. It has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. Overall, hemp paper making generates only 1/5 to 1/7 as much chemical pollution than wood.

Hemp paper is longer lasting than tree paper and it is stronger. Unlike wood-pulp paper, hemp paper won’t get yellowish, no matter how long the paper is kept.

Hemp Paper is a Better Choice.

There are lots of products made from hemp such as greeting cards, envelopes, books, paper bag, even wedding invitations. Using products from recycled material is also eco-friendly, but remember, hemp paper can be recycled 7 times while wood pulp can only be recycled 4 times.